Above all, people. Because the personal dimension is the root of the professional. People with training, plenty of it. People with experience, even more. People complementing each other in knowledge, sectoral expertise, skills, and attitudes. But, above all, people with will and commitment. We function as a team, almost like a “hive mind.” That’s why we don’t need to be many; it’s enough to be present so that the best of each person emerges in every activity, resulting in extraordinary and transformative outcomes.


To innovate is to invent, create, discover, devise, improve, progress, advance, evolve, update, change, renew, transform. We do all of the above with a purpose: to contribute value to the organizations we work with, with sincere respect for the environment and the communities that inhabit it. We ensure viable projects in the long term for the stakeholders we engage with. Thus, we encourage the exchange and utilization of shared knowledge.


From Lanzarote, to everywhere

Our physical home is in Marina de Lanzarote, but many of our pages or sites exist in other places both in the Canary Islands and around the world, such as Africa or Latin America. Our team is in Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Madrid, Mallorca. Our agreements reach Latin America and Africa. Our results can be applied anywhere in the world because we work specifically with the language of the global.


The future is now.

Yesterday accompanies us; we learn from it and extract shared knowledge. Today, we write the future through innovation in the use of what we’ve learned, what we’ve used, what worked, and what failed. We squeeze the NOW to reduce the uncertainty of the future, to take action and foster what we want it to be. We innovate today to create our own tomorrow (unless the meteorite arrives).


Because islands are natural laboratories for experimentation. They are not places to try uncontrolled models but to control attempts and measure their impacts. Tourism involves a high percentage of business activity, transportation, construction, the agri-food sector, the service sector… That’s why we start with tourism, as in Lanzarote, we have the entire value chain of actors and assets necessary for sectoral innovation. An experience that can be transferred to any other sector.

We leverage the comprehensive best practices of a sector or company to make it available to other members of the miHUB community, a hub concentrating knowledge, sectors, territories, and people.

Discover our projects


miHUB Academy Call – Technologies in Service of Sustainability in Business

Upon completion of the course, participants will be equipped to strategically and effectively use technology to promote sustainability in their organizations, creating long-term economic, environmental, and social benefits. 6-hour online workshop over 2 days  Enroll in the [...]

Society, Sustainability, Tech|

Digital Transformation – Event for Entrepreneurs in Fuerteventura

Energy, Investment, Society, Tech|

The training session on #ArtificialIntelligence, sales, and customer service held on November 25 by Ana Belén Gallego Martínez and Peio Oiz at @camaradefuerteventura was a tremendous success. ✳️ The discussion focused on the role [...]


For something truly extraordinary to happen, we venture to try, to make mistakes, to offer unconventional answers… innovation often manifests itself in unexpected ways and from the unforeseen emerges an order that organizes everything in a completely new way.

At miHUB there is a vibrant and relentless passion for sustainable change, a strong determination to transform ideas into reality and a collective spirit that drives us to see the future in every present gesture, supported by the knowledge we seek, treasure and share.

We are not just a team;
We are a force, and our force is innovation.

Let’s change the world

We are not “quick fixers” and we are not intimidated by difficult targets. That’s why we believe in innovation as an enabler of a new model, of new structures, in ways we have never thought of before. This is how we can change the world, we just need to believe that it is possible, and join miHUB so that we can reach this sustainable future together.

Success is achieved together

At miHUB we know that it costs more to get anywhere alone. We encourage collaboration and always seek to play as a team. We have diverse talents that contribute from their branch of specialization, the points of view and experiences that we need to have a 360º vision of the projects.

Failure is part of the process

“We learn from mistakes” and we are very clear about that. We like to see failure as a stepping stone to success, every setback as a lesson. In this way, every failure brings us closer to our goals. We fail forward, innovating, always progressing.

Aligned and connected

Thinking, doing, feeling, as a chord, because everything happens at the same time. We work to organize and include the different sensibilities, points of view, experiences and knowledge in each action. Thus organized, we are all working towards the same goal, with sustainability as our compass.

The magic is in the details

We innovate in small things, we focus on the minimal gestures that define great actions, not on grandiloquent ideas. We look for the weak points of the processes and improve them, trusting in the path and rowing together in the same direction.

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